Best New Orleans Swamp Tours

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Discover your adventurous side during a bayou tour of New Orleans. Areas that are usually unreachable by foot can be reached by a boat tour through the shallow waters and canopied marshland revealing the city’s unrivaled beauty. Book a guided tour as an experienced boat captain offers in-depth information on the unique habitat that’s home to hundreds of animals. Here are the best 3 New Orleans swamp tours.

Large Group Bayou Swamp Tours

Soak in the sun while you enjoy a truly authentic New Orleans airboat tour. Packed with adventure, a swamp tour typically lasts one hour and forty-five minutes. Don’t forget your camera as you might come across wildlife like hawks, bald eagles, alligators, snakes and so much more. This tour is suitable for large and small groups. You can get a New Orleans airboat tour for bachelor and bachelorette parties, family outings, corporate events, school trips, and more. A large airboat can hold between 13 and 30 people depending on its size. For a more relaxed cruise, take the Covered Pontoon Swamp Boat.

High Speed Airboat Tour

Thrill-seekers, this one’s for you! Get a chance to hold an alligator as you ride on a motor-driven airboat. What better way to explore New Orleans than to take a fun high speed airboat swamp tour? You will glide comfortably over the marshland and deep into the secluded swamps. Your professional guide will give you helpful insight on the Bayou’s flora and fauna. Hold on as you alternate between gentle cruising and high-speed bursts. There will be plenty of chances to take photos of the wildlife you might encounter. Look out for bald eagles and baby alligators.

Small Airboat Swamp Tour

A small and private airboat tour may be the ideal choice for families and smaller groups of people. A small airboat can hold 6 to 10 passengers. If you want the ultimate comfort, choose a wholesome service that includes pick up and drop off at your local hotel. A boat ride on the swamps would include a visit to the marshland with glorious flora and fauna. You will also learn about the local legends and history of New Orleans. The waters are full of creatures like otters and alligators.

There is no doubt that a trip to New Orleans is incomplete without experiencing the nature and wildlife in the nearby bayous and swamps. There are several tour operators that traverse the swampy areas for a chance to spot wild boars, gators, egrets and more. Choose from a fast-paced airboat tour or a slower educational cruise as you lurk in the murky waters. Whatever floats your boat, we hope you have an amazing time with the best airboat tour in New Orleans.

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