Top 6 New Orleans Attractions

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New Orleans has so much to do from music, history, nature, and food. There is something for everyone in the family. Stay for a whole week or weekend, you will not be disappointed. To assist in your travel planning here is a short list of the top six attractions in New Orleans.

1- French Quarter

The French Quarter of New Orleans sits along the Mississippi River. The main attraction within the historical neighborhood is the Spanish architecture which was mostly constructed after the city’s famous fire. The buildings are distinct with iron balconies, red-tiled roofs, and large courtyards. Many of these old buildings are currently being used as hotels, restaurants, shops, galleries, and music venues. Some of the most notable streets in the French Quarter are Bourbon Street, Royal Street, and Frenchmen Street.

2- Explore the Bayou

Step outside of the city and ride through the Louisiana Bayou on an Airboat. Keep your eyes peeled for boars, alligators, eagles and other native animals of the swamp. A fun experience for the entire family. Tours are led by swamp guide experts that give lots of information on the history of the Bayou and New Orleans.

3- National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum is the second largest museum in the United States and houses interactive exhibits that tell the story of solders fighting in both the Pacific and Europe, along with interesting insights into the daily life of US citizens living stateside. Visitors will also find an extensive collection of aircraft that was used during the war. Make sure to check out the restored PT-Boat, it’s a must see!

4- Tour the New Orleans Cemeteries

In New Orleans, the deceased are buried above ground. This is a unique sight for visitors to experience. The most popular cemeteries are St. Louis Cemetery located adjacent to the French Quarter and Lafayette Cemetery which is within the Garden District. Take a guided tour to learn about the history and the famous tombs of important figures ranging from musicians to a Voodoo Queen.

5- Explore the French Market

This market dates back over 200 years and is a symbol of economic progress for the people of New Orleans. The historic market has undergone amazing transformations over the years, with heavy investing in its infrastructure. The space attracts thousands of merchants from around the region who come and sell items such as clothes, art, jewelry, local produce and much more.

6- Take a Ride on a Steamboat Natchez

Ride on the Steamboat Natchez along the mighty Mississippi River. The Natchez is one of only a handful of steamboat still in operation along the river. Onboard, you will find live jazz, Creole food, and cocktails. This is a great activity for couples and families’ a like. A great way to experience history up close!

New Orleans is a destination for everyone, young and old. When you walk down the city streets you will feel the many stories from a time long ago. Start packing!

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